Cross Auger for Free Stall Barns


  • Available in lengths between 50 to 150 feet
  • 16" Heavy Duty Auger with 3/8" Fliting
  • Neoprene Bearings
  • Heavy Duty Gear Box
  • WEG Electrical Control Box with Soft Start and Timers
  • Slow 45 RPM Run Speed
  • Installed in a Precast NRCS-Approved Huff-Cut Concrete Trough

  • Our precast concrete manure channel is NRCS approved
  • Manure channel comes in 6', 48", and 30" height
  • 4' U shaped Concrete manure channel available in 10' lengths
  • 6' U shaped concrete manure channel available in 8' lengths
  • Square concrete manure channel is made for a Houle manure scraper available in 12' lengths.
  • Special ends available to drop into reception pits, storage tanks etc.
  • Concrete covers and drop slots are custom made to fit your barn
  • Trough is 26" wide
  • Bottom is rounded to reduce friction, works well with sand laden manure, or with shavings and straw
  • Concrete manure channel can be installed flat or on a slope
  • Manure channel works with gravity flow or a pump and flush line