About Sheahan Manure Augers

S.D. Ellenbecker is one of the most successful and progressive agricultural construction companies in the Midwest.

Our involvement in agriculture goes back to growing up and working on family farms. We understand the needs of farmers and know firsthand the demands farming can put on agricultural equipment. As a result, a sense of farm-family pride and craftsmanship is evident in everything we build.

For over 20 years, Sheahan Manure Augers have also been built to these high standard. That tradition of quality will continue with S.D. Ellenbecker, which has purchased the manufacturing rights.

Sheahan electric powered augers are built with a sprocket reduction which lets the auger run at a lower rpm. This helps prevent bearing and flighting wear;while at the same time allowing liquids to be removed from your barn or holding pit. Sheahan augers can be built up to 40 feet long. This allows for a wide variety of barn or pit applications. Also, our 16" auger design can move large amounts of material in minimal time.

SD Ellenbecker also builds a PTO model auger. This model is built with a 540 rpm gear box. With our 40' we can help achieve most manure applications.

Sheahan augers are built to outlast most other auger competitors, which allows SD Ellenbecker to put a 2 year warranty on Sheahan augers to be free of defects in workmanship and materials post installation.

Before purchasing another manure auger consider Sheahan augers built by SD Ellenbecker Inc.

Contact Frank Murkowski for a sales quote and warranty information today. Cell 715-370-2512 or Office 715-257-7666

S.D. Ellenbecker warrants their manure augers to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for one year after installation. Contact your sales representative for complete warranty details.

Warranty not offered for sand use.